How to work from home with a sick toddler!

IMG_3561A couple of weeks ago I posted about trying to work from home with a sick toddler. It wasn’t an easy few days but we got through it. Some mumma friends shared their tips and I learnt some tricks along the way. So here you go… How to work from home with a sick toddler.

  • You know that line from Happy Gilmore “play it where it lies”? Well it turns out that’s a good rule for parents as well as golfers. If the bubba finds some happiness or crashes out somewhere random like in the ball pit, on the couch or in his/her tunnel, then let them stay there. Do not, I repeat DO NOT attempt to put them to bed. If possible bring your work to where they are and get a bit done while you can.
  • Skip the shower. Seriously who’s going to know you’re stuck in the house anyway! Save it for later when hubby/wife/partner/support person is there. Unless bubs enjoys showering with you, in which case – bonus!
  • If your stupid laptop decides to update when bubs falls asleep like mine did then throw it out the window!!! No don’t do that – you’re going to need it. Use this extra time as an opportunity to have that shower, make a cuppa (or a shot of Jager), or just do some social media stuff/emails on your phone or tablet while your laptop gets its act together.
  • Ring any people you are supposed to meet with and either reschedule or see if theyIMG_4015 are happy to chat either over the phone or Skype instead. My clients were incredibly understanding and it really took the pressure off.
  • If you’re trying to meet a deadline like I was, contact your client as soon as possible. Nine times out of ten a minimal 24 hour delay is manageable as long as you LET THEM KNOW.
  • Accept help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for, or accepting, help. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to spread any nasty germs to other children.
  • I let my IMG_4146kiddo have his dummy during the day (he’s normally only allowed to have it at sleep times) and that got me a good hour or so of my happy little guy.

So while it’s not going to be the most productive day of your life, you will get through it. And when the day’s work is done you can go back to giving your guy or gal lots and lots of cuddles.



Help! Working from home with a sick child

So my little 1 year old has been sick on and off for weeks. First he had a cold, then teething, then a tummy bug and as of last night he’s coughing and full of snot again. He is stuck to me like glue and I can’t leave him for a second. We’re laying here in bed together as I type this on my mobile.

So mums in business please tell me – how on earth are you meant to get any work done with a sick baby???

I have to take him along to some meetings today that I just can’t put off any longer and some of my work is really pushing deadline. 

A quick Google search has given me nothing so would love some practical advice from mums who have been there, done that. 


Blogging about not blogging!

to-blog-or-not-to-blog-516x300I can’t believe it has been months since I wrote an article for my own business. I am happy to say that I’ve been super busy writing for other businesses which is FANTASTIC but in the meantime I’ve let promotion of Elysian Creative fall behind.

So as I start to implement some of my time management skills I thought I would just provide a quick update and let you know that we’re still here.

Elysian Creative is currently working on a number of projects for different organisations including:

  • Website content for a real estate agent
  • Investor updates for a developer
  • Blog articles for a photographer
  • Social media and database management for a health care clinic
  • Database generation and management for a restaurant app
  • Strategic plans in collaboration with a business analysis company

This work is thoroughly enjoyable. I get to meet lots of people, learn about new industries, work across different platforms and of course I get to write!

Tomorrow I’m off to a networking meeting with the Women’s Business Society which I am really looking forward to. It is so inspiring and motivating to meet with like-minded individuals who are living their passion.

If you would like to know more about the services Elysian Creative offers or would even like to just catch up for a coffee and a chat feel free to give me a buzz on 0407 314 346.


Oh no… public speaking!

Fear-of-Public-Speaking-Balanced-Life-HypnosisIf there is one thing that has held me back over the course of my career it would have to be my shyness. I’m naturally an introvert and will often feel intimidated by a room full of people. Of course the thought of standing up in front of that group and speaking is damn near terrifying. Promoting my previous tourism business was difficult. I was part of a high-energy industry with lots of fun, young and loud go-getters but I was the exact opposite. Fast forward to my years in Local Government and I found myself much more confident and outgoing. Unfortunately though the fear of public speaking persisted and I allowed that fear to hold me back. Well no more holding back!

Next week I am attending a Women’s Business Society networking event. I am really excited to get out there to meet some local business people and promote Elysian Creative. While at this event, I am going to get up in front of the group and introduce myself and my business. And I am determined not to be a quivering mess!public-speaking-1

I have been researching the ‘fear of public speaking’ and found that it is surprisingly common. I would love to hear any public speaking tips and tricks you might have. In the meantime here are some great quotes that I’ve found inspiring:

  1. “There are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and liars.” Mark Twain
  2. Most people are more deeply influenced by one clear, vivid, personal example than they are by an abundance of statistical data.” Eliot Aronson
  3. “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner
  4. “My father gave me these tips on speech making. Be sincere, be brief and be seated.” James Roosevelt
  5. “People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.” Steve Jobs
  6. “90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.” Somers White
  7. “All speaking is public speaking whether it is to one person or a thousand.” Roger Love
  8. “Say what you mean, mean what you say – and preferably in as few well-chosen words as possible.” Richard Branson


Copywriting… Why copywriting?

I have always had a passion for writing and have been fortunate enough to forge out a typewriter2career that allowed me to indulge my creative side. It actually seemed quite logical to establish a business that creates opportunities to help others succeed by utilising my writing skills.

My background in tourism and economic development, working in both private industry and local government, has put me in prime position to help others drive growth within their own business. And I must say I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help others succeed!

So how exactly can my copywriting skills help your business? Last week I posted a quote to Facebook that said ‘Don’t sell the mattress, sell a good night’s sleep’. That’s where I come in. I can write content for your business that will attract an engage your clients. Content that appeals to the emotions of your customers making them feel confident in and excited by your product or service. The result is increased exposure for your business, engaged clients and, ultimately, growth in sales.

Over coming days I will provide more detail of the services I will offer so make sure you check back here again soon.