Copywriting… Why copywriting?

I have always had a passion for writing and have been fortunate enough to forge out a typewriter2career that allowed me to indulge my creative side. It actually seemed quite logical to establish a business that creates opportunities to help others succeed by utilising my writing skills.

My background in tourism and economic development, working in both private industry and local government, has put me in prime position to help others drive growth within their own business. And I must say I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help others succeed!

So how exactly can my copywriting skills help your business? Last week I posted a quote to Facebook that said ‘Don’t sell the mattress, sell a good night’s sleep’. That’s where I come in. I can write content for your business that will attract an engage your clients. Content that appeals to the emotions of your customers making them feel confident in and excited by your product or service. The result is increased exposure for your business, engaged clients and, ultimately, growth in sales.

Over coming days I will provide more detail of the services I will offer so make sure you check back here again soon.


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